A Northern Ireland-wide championship to find the best pedigree beef junior bull culminated with a final at Fermanagh County Show yesterday (Wednesday) with the honours going to local exhibitors, Stuart and David Bothwell from St. Angelo.

The Bothwell’s Charolais champion, “Killadeas Olaf Do.,” sired by Battleford Lazer out of their own cow, Killadeas Faithful, had swept the boards in the Charolais section and won the NISA Championship after judge, William Smyth tapped him the winner.

It was one of numerous successes for local breeders and exhibitors at the Show held in sunny, warm conditions and attended by large crowds.

Meanwhile in the dairy section, Iain McLean from Bushmills made the long journey to Enniskillen well worthwhile by lifting the dairy blue riband event, the All-Ireland Dairy Cow Championship with “Priestland 5446 Shot J Rose” repeating her success from last year.

This year, the McLean herd had won seven dairy championship titles at shows around Northern Ireland.

Bank of Ireland/Northern Ireland Shows’ Association Pedigree Beef Junior Bull Championship – 1, Stuart and David Bothwell, St. Angelo; 2, W.D. and J.D. Hazelton, Dungannon; 3, T. O’Neill, Drumahoe.


Dairy Interbreed Babe of the Year, calf, born in 2019 – 1, Iain McLean, Bushmills; 2, Matthew Breen, Tempo; 3, Stewart and Nyree Baxter, Garvagh.

All-Ireland Championship Classes, Dairy cow in milk – 1 and 2, Iain McLean; 3, James Morton, Milford, Armagh.

Supreme Dairy Cow Championship and Reserve – Iain McLean.


Bull calf born in 2019 – 1, H.C. Stubbs and A.A. Burleigh, Lisnaskea; 2 and 3, W and K. Stubbs, Irvinestown.

Bull born on or after January 1 2018 and on or before December 31 2018 – 1, W.D. and J.D. Hazelton, Dungannon; 2, S and P McDonald, Tempo; 3, H.C. Stubbs and A.A. Burleigh, Lisnaskea.

Heifer born in 2018 – 1, Julie Stinson, Springfield; 2, S and P McDonald; 3, Keith Nelson, Rosslea.

Exhibitor owned group – 1, Keith Nelson; 2, S and P McDonald; 3 Julie Stinson.

Simmental Championship – W.D. and J.D. Hazelton; Reserve – S and P Mc.Donald.

Dale Cup, best calf bred and born in 2018 by Fermanagh exhibitor – 1, H.C. Stubbs and A.A.Burleigh.

Brooke Memorial Cup, best pedigree Simmental in show – 1, W. D and J.D. Hazelton.

Auctioneers’ Cup, best Simmental bull in Show – W.D. and J.D. Hazelton.


Bull or heifer calf born in 2019 – 1, Crawford Brothers, Enniskillen; 3, Chris Johnston, Fivemiletown.

Bull, any age – 1, Crawford Brothers; 2, Rodgers Livestock, Dromore; 3, Gareth Wilson, Garvary.

Heifers born in 2018 – 1 and 2, M and K Diamond, Garvagh.

Heifer born in 2017 – 1, Crawford Brothers.

Cow in calf or milk – 1, Crawford Brothers.

Champion Limousin – Crawford Brothers; Reserve – M and K. Diamond.


In calf cow or heifer – 1, Leonard Brothers, Irvinestown; 2, Denzil Johnston, Enniskillen.

Heifer class, Commercial heifer – 1, Alan Veitch; 2, Gordon Cutler, Enniskillen; 3, Leonard Brothers, Irvinestown.

Bullock class, commercial bullock – 1, Alan Veitch.

Male suckler calf, born in 2019 – 1 and 2, Leonard Brothers; 3, Denzil Johnston.

Female suckler calf born in 2019 – 1, Alan Veitch; 2, Declan McKenna.

Suckler cow, with calf born in 2019 – 1, and 2, Denzil Johnston.

Store heifer – 1, Chris McKee, Middleton, Armagh; 2, Gordon Cutler, Enniskillen; 3, Declan McKenna, Clogher.

Beef heifer – 1, Simpson and Hawkes, Tyrone.

Store bullock – 1, Alan Veitch.

Beef bullock – 1, Declan McKenna.

Thornhill Cup, best non pedigree beef type cow with calf at foot – Leonard Brothers, Irvinestown.

W and C Scott Cup – 1, Alan Veitch.

Mitchell Cup, champion heifer – Alan Veitch.

Archdale Cup, champion bullock – Declan McKenna

Supreme Commercial Champion – Alan Veitch; Reserve – Declan McKenna.


Heifer – 1, 2 and 3, Stewart and Nyree Baxter, Garvagh.

Cow in calf or milk – 1, Iain McLean, Bushmills.

Champion – Iain McLean; Reserve – Stewart and Nyree Baxter, Shane’s Castle, Antrim.

Belleisle Trophy No. 2, best group of three pedigree Ayrshire cattle – Stewart Baxter, Shane’s Castle.


Bull or heifer calf born in 2019 – 1, Johnston Farms, Clogher.

Bull – 1 Johnston Farms.

Heifer born in 2018 – 1, Rodgers Livestock; 2, Johnston Farms; 3, Johnston Farms.

Heifer born in 2017 – 1, Johnston Farms.

Cow in calf or milk – 1, Johnston Farms; 2, Johnston Farms.

Champion – Johnston Farms; Reserve – Rodgers Livestock.