The Foodhall is always one of the attractions at Fermanagh County Show with the added bonus of cookery demonstrations throughout Tuesday evening and all day on Wednesday led by Stephen McFarland, pastry chef; Glen Wheeler, 28 Darling Street chef; Jack from Loughall Honey; Annika Latimer – Cakes by Annika; Gavin Cassidy, The Firehouse Chef and Jayne Paget and Mark Kearney, Erin Groves Preserves.

The Foodhall was officially opened on Tuesday evening by Lord Anthony Hamilton, President of Fermanagh Farming Society followed by the presentation of trade stand awards, introduced by Show Chairman, Mr. Adrian Irvine and presented by the judges, Mr and Mrs Edwin Adams (Trade stands) and Mr. Glen Wheeler (Foodhall).

The awards were presented as follows;

Indoor Stands – 1, Neptune Kitchens; 2, NIEA Water Catchment Partnership.

Outdoor Stands – 1, Lakeland Tyres; 2, Northern Lift Trucks.

Foodhall Stands – 1, Ballylisk Cheese; 2, Boatyard Distillery.

The sponsors were Killyhevlin Hotel and Patton, Rainey and Associates Accountants.

The Foodhall had a great contrast of foods and drinks offering great sights and smells to whet the appetite from Fermanagh produced gin to sausages and bacon.

One of the local fruit producers, Pipershill Summer Fruits, run by Kim Rickey, Newtownbutler, was offering a selection of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, plums and blackberries all produced on her farm.

Results from the Show;


Cross-stitch – 1, Cynthia Bruce, Ballinamallard; 2 and 3, Diane Donaldson, Enniskillen.

Crochet centre piece – 1, Doris Byers, Ballinamallard; 2, Diane Donaldson.

Traditional Irish Crochet – 1, Mary Parker, Derrylin.

Scarf – 1 and 2, Claire Holmes, Enniskillen; 3, Ann Nash, Enniskillen.

Hand knitted babies garment – 1, and 2, Avril Stubbs, Irvinestown; 3, Debbie Beatty, Enniskillen.

Hand knitted adult garment – 1, Florence Eames, Springfield; 2, Claire Holmes, Enniskillen; 3, Ann Nash.

Hand knitted pram blanket – 1, Carmel Irwin, Ballinamallard; 2, Elaine Bradburn, Ballinamallard; 3, Diane Donaldson.

Baby layette – 1, Florence Eames; 2 and 3, Debbie Beatty.

Decorative cushion – 1, Elaine Bradburn; 2 and 3, Avril Stubbs.

Soft toy – 1, Elaine Blampied, Lisbellaw; 2, Dawn Fallis, Ballinamallard; 3, Elaine Blackburn.

Tea-cosy – 1, Elaine Blampied; 2 and 3, Avril Stubbs.

Crocheted adult garment – 1, Ann Elliott, Letterbreen.

Book folding art – 1, and 2, Helen Blair, Chanterhill, Enniskillen.

Article in recycled materials – 1, Lany McAnerin, Kesh; 2, Diane Donaldson; 3, Elaine Blampied, Lisbellaw.

Juvenile crafts

Recycled article – 1, Laura Magee, Enniskillen; 2, Lollie Fegan, Cavanaleck; 3, Bobbie Fegan, Cavanaleck.

Greetings card – 1, Clodagh Fee, Lisbellaw.

Decorated wooden spoon – 1, Lucy McElmurray, Portadown; 2, Ellie Armstrong, Kesh; 3, Amy Dunn, Brookeborough.

Plant pot – 1, Clodagh Fee, Lisbellaw; 2, Lolli Fegan; 3, Eva Dunn, Brookeborough.

Confined craft classes

Crocheted/knitted knee blanket – 1, Annie McBrien, Tempo Road Day Centre, Enniskillen; 2, Alicia Thompson, Tempo Road Day Centre; 3,Claire McIlfatrick, Tempo Road Day Centre.

Painting, any medium – 1, Lackaboy 2 Unit, Killadeas Day Centre.


Drawing – 1&2, Caroline Nicholson, Bellanaleck; 3, Gabriel Miller, Enniskillen

Watercolour – 1, Ann Daly, Ederney; 2&3, Caroline Nicholson

Oil painting, portrait or still life – 1, Bart Daly, Ederney; 2&3, RT McCluskey, Fivemiletown

Oil painting, landscape – 1, RT McCluskey; 2, Gerard McElholm, Irvinestown; 3, Margorie Seaman, Florencecourt

Acrylics, portrait or still life – 1, Helen Dundas, Irvinestown; 2, John Nelson, Ballinamallard; 3, Ann McLaughlin, Trillick

Acrylics, landscape – 1, Caroline Nicholson; 2(tie), Ann McLaughlin and Lany McAnerin, Kesh; 3(tie), Lany McAnerin and Margorie Seaman

Irish Fleetwood Amateur Painting Qualifier – 1&2, RT McCluskey


Drawing – 1&3, Laura Magee; 2, M. McGrade; 3, Clodagh Fee

Painting – 1, Clodagh Fee; 2, Lucy McElmurray, Portadown; 3, Andrea Agnew, Aughnacloy


Colour, portrait human – 1, Leah Holmes, Enniskillen; 2, Celine Holmes, Lurgan; 3, Lany McAnerin

Colour, wildlife – 1, Gerard McElholm; 2, Leah Holmes; 3, Susan Morrow, Fivemiletown

Colour, trees – 1, Marie Holmes, Enniskillen; 2, Susan Morrow; 3, Margaret Brady, Florencecourt

Colour, agricultural machinery – 1, David West, Maguiresbridge; 2, Olive Maxwell, Fivemiletown; 3, Sarah-Jane Fegan, Cavanaleck

Colour, scenic view – 1, Leah Holmes; 2, Susan Morrow; 3, Marie Holmes

Colour, sport – 1, William Holmes, Enniskillen; 2, Leah Holmes

Colour, family – 1, Kirsty Fegan, Cavanaleck; 2, William Holmes; 3, Leah Holmes

Black and white, any subject – 1, Marie Holmes; 2, Leah Holmes; 3, Sarah-Jane Fegan


Colour – 1, Dale Irwin, Ballinamallard; 2, Clodagh Fee; 3, Laura Magee

Black and white – 1, Laura Magee; 2, Clodagh Fee