They were inseparable right until the very end, but the unexpected death of 44-year-old Jason Wilson, known lovingly as ‘JR’, from a brain tumour on Monday has left his partner’s heart “broken beyond repair”.

For JR, Majella McCabe was his soulmate; his everything; the woman he fell in love with at a disco 27 years ago when he was just a teenager. To everyone else, Majella included, the Enniskillen man was a kind-hearted and loving family man who had a generosity of spirit.

His untimely death has devastated very many people from all walks of life,

traditions and backgrounds, particularly those who were enthralled by the popular man’s music. This was especially evident by the outpouring support on display during his funeral service yesterday (Wednesday) at St. Macartin’s Cathedral in Enniskillen, carried out by undertaker Johnny McKeegan.

He is survived by his partner Majella Mc Cabe, mother Jacqueline, sisters Heather McAuley and Tanya Wilson and predeceased by his father Robert.

“JR had no qualms about expressing his love and we were childhood sweetheaerts,” Majella told The Impartial Reporter on the eve of his funeral.

“We were 27 years together and he would get a microphone wherever we were to declare his love,” she said.

“He used to always say if I could give you the earth, the moon and the stars I would,” she said, adding poignantly that JR wrote exactly that in his final Facebook post.

“The last few days have been a nightmare, I am totally devastated that he is gone. He was only 44, he had so much ahead of him,” she said.

Majella explained how the couple had only celebrated their anniversary last month and recalled how they first met – as a couple of teenagers all those years ago.

“We met at a disco; I still remember that vividly. He would have gone to the Tech with some of my friends and that’s how we got chatting.

“He was a lovely fella, ask anyone, everyone loved him. He was so charismatic and people wanted to be in his company. He was a lovely person who was the life and soul of any event, or any party,” she said.

JR was well known in music circles and performed in front of many audiences over the years right across Northern Ireland, but the size of the crowd never mattered so long as his Majella was watching him.

“I used to go all the gigs and sit there, looking lovingly at him” she said, with a smile.

“One of his sayings was ‘do me a favour – keep it country’. He loved the country music, that was the scene he was in. He couldn’t get enough of it,” she said.

But last September JR was diagnosed with a brain tumour which resulted in him suffering epileptic seizures and despite the hardship he never let it get him down, says Majella.

“His nature wouldn’t let him get down about it even though he was walking around with a hidden illness. But nobody would have known.

“It didn’t stop him from being positive, he had such a zest for life. He was a happy person, that’s what drew people into his company.

“To think he is not here anymore is hard to believe. He was my guy and my heart is broken beyond repair. I am devastated because there is never going to be another JR.

“He will be greatly missed by his mum Jacqueline, sisters, family circle his many, many friends and by me. I loved him so very much,” she said.