A rally for urgent action to stop climate change and environmental destruction is to be held in Enniskillen tomorrow, Friday September 20.

It is part of the Earth Strike, an international day of action with people being encouraged to walk out of work, school and college to join protests.

The Earth Strike has been backed by trade unions such as Unite, the Bakers' Union and the University & College Union. Locally, campaign group Belcoo Frack Free has given the rally its support.

In Enniskillen, school student activists will be protesting at the Diamond from 11am and will then be joined by trade unionists and environmental campaigns at 1pm for a rally.

Giving his support, Cross-Community Labour Alternative councillor Donal O'Cofaigh said: "Just 100 corporations are responsible for more than 70per cent of carbon emissions over the last three decades. Those in power are refusing to take on those profit-driven interests. They are willing to see workers and the poor pay the price of climate change. Locally, communities are being threatened by the toxic fracking and mining industries. I am delighted to see the trade union movement beginning to become an active part of this struggle. We need to mobilise and build a global movement for socialist change, not climate change."

Tom White of Belcoo Frack Free said that people need to act to curb climate change. 

"We also need to ensure that we - the people - keep control of this process. We have some of the best air, soil and water resources in Fermanagh and we will not allow them and our communities to become collateral damage for the very same industries - like fracking - which have brought about this situation in the first place."