Sitting MP Michelle Gildernew has been re-selected as the Sinn Féin candidate to represent Fermanagh and South Tyrone in any looming Westminster election, following a convention held of the Sinn Féin membership earlier this week.

With a number of representatives from other parties declaring they had put their name forward for selection as a candidate for their respective parties, this is the first official announcement from a party to declare a candidate in this constituency.

Mrs. Gildernew said a General Election will be about “sending a message that will be heard not just in Fermanagh, but right across Europe”.

“Two years ago, when the last Westminster election was called, our message was that the north needed to be protected, our all-Ireland economy needed to be protected, the Good Friday agreement needed to be protected.

“Since then, we have had nothing but chaos emanating out of London.

“Westminster has zero interest in the lives of citizens here.


“No deal means tens of thousands of jobs at risk, food prices to rise, clinicians unable to assure patients their health care will not be affected or that vital medicine will be available, an economy destined for recession, our agricultural economy decimated.

“I have represented this constituency since 2017 and I know the issues affecting the constituents and I know Brexit is one of the biggest challenges facing our border constituency.

“Sinn Féin will continue to be a pro-remain party. Our interests are better served within Europe.”

The announcement is one of a raft of declarations by Sinn Féin over Northern Ireland.

Sinn Féin have not ruled out election pacts with pro-Remain parties and if Unionists decide to run one candidate in Fermanagh and South Tyrone it will be interesting to see if the same will happen in a constituency that could go down to the wire.