From giving talks and providing training to painting and decorating, the President of Enniskillen Rotary Club, Jisbinder Sembhi (Sembs), fellow Rotarians and friends have just returned from Kenya in Africa, where they gave a helping hand to a number of projects.

The recent travels by the party of 12 took them via Doha to Nairobi in Kenya and from there on to the Rombo Region which sits on the Tanzania border.

“The Rombo region is a very rural area but impoverished by the lack of water, either for domestic use or for farming,” explained President Sembs, who recalled that members of Enniskillen Rotary Club “had previously provided funding to help drill wells and provide pipe lines to bring clean water closer to the communities.”

On this occasion, he highlighted that the team became involved in a number of aid projects.

A number of women, under the direction of Angela McKinney (Past President of the Enniskillen Club and a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in the SWAH), provided training for medical staff in the local Health Clinics.

“This proved very beneficial and drew immediate results with some patients being diagnosed with potentially serious illnesses,” outlined Sembs.

Several members of the party talked to schools and adult centres about a number of subjects including the importance of oral hygiene, arts and crafts and sport.

The Rotarians and friends also put their painting and decorating skills to the test and completed two painting projects at boarding schools as an encouragement for pupils.

The group from Enniskillen also brought goods and materials to distribute during their trip.

In advance of their travels, they had been collecting surplus materials to donate to groups in Kenya. This included pairs of glasses with over 800 pairs having been collected from various offices, shops and churches.

Sembs explained: “These were handed over to a clinic where children could have their eyes tested and as a result of equipment that measures the prescription on the donated spectacles they could be fitted up with a pair of glasses to take home with them.”

He acknowledged that there was also the presentation of a considerable quantity of medical supplies, sportswear and children’s clothing donated by various businesses and individuals, as well as other support, for which he extended gratitude.

“The support was huge within the County Fermanagh area,” said Sembs, who added that they were overwhelmed.

In total, the Rotary group brought over 600kg of items which were distributed to various schools and health clinics across the Rombo region.

Prior to their departure for home, Enniskillen Rotary Club bought 12 bunk beds for the boys’ secondary school outside Rombo. Sembs explained that they bought them locally, which “contributed to the local economy.”

President Sembs expressed his sincere appreciation of the work carried out by the 12 members of the group and said he was proud to be involved with the project.