A woman was fined £500 and hit with five penalty points at Fermanagh Magistrates Court this week after she left the scene of an accident in Enniskillen in July of this year.

Anne Marie Granger with an address of Moorfield Terrace, Trillick, pleaded guilty to four offences, including driving without due care and attention.

The court heard that on July 5 this year an accident occurred on the Derrychara Road, Enniskillen, when a vehicle, while waiting to turn right, was rear-ended by another vehicle.

The driver of the car reported to police that the driver of the car who hit them was female and was holding what appeared to be a mobile phone in their right hand at the time of the accident.

The court was told that the female driver exited her vehicle and told the male driver, who she had hit, that “there’s no damage done”.

The prosecution revealed that the defendant then drove off and parked in Tesco with the injured party following in his vehicle. Prosecution stated that when confronted Granger refused to give her name telling the other driver that he “can have my number plate”.

The court was told that when interviewed by police Granger said that “he braked, and I hit him” and that “there was no damage done” to his vehicle.

Defending solicitor, Michael Fahy, told the court that the defendant admitted that there was “minimal contact” and he reiterated the point that “police have no evidence of any damage to the car”. He said his client believed the other driver was “becoming aggressive” and that was why she had left and the defending solicitor said that Granger was not interviewed by police until a month after the accident.

Mr. Fahy stated that his client should have remained at the scene and in the event that the police were contacted about the accident it was unlikely they would have attended once they established that nobody was injured. District Judge Steven Keown fined Granger £500 and issued her with five penalty points on her licence.