Tributes have been paid to former Royal Air Force (RAF) Group Captain George Francis Lothian who “followed his dreams” and “lived life to the full”.

Mr. Lothian passed away at his home in Kesh on Friday, November 15 aged 90.

Paying tribute to her beloved father, Mr. Lothian’s daughter Jenny Lothian said she is going to “miss him so much” as they spent “so much time together”.

Mr. Lothian was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1929. When he was 10 years old World War II broke out. Over that period of time his interest developed in aircraft, and at the age of 15, in the final year of the war, Mr. Lothian joined the RAF showing his keen interest and determination to follow his dreams. After joining the RAF in 1944, Mr. Lothian quickly moved up the ranks of the and it is understood he was the youngest sergeant at the age of 17.

Later on he was to become group captain in the RAF and spent many years in 224 squadron.

Mr. Lothian also became involved in the Special Boat Service (SBS). This was a Special Forces unit of the Royal Navy and consisted of very highly trained men who were involved in highly classified operations.

During his 21 years of service he would have had many great experiences and many hard and cruel ones to go with them but like many servicemen he kept these to himself and never spoke much to anyone about it.

After his 21 years of service he left the RAF he took up work in Turn house Airport as a flight engineer. His love of aircraft never left him nor did his love of boats as he shortly took up the position of County Commissioner with Edinburgh Sea Scouts.

He made a decision to leave Scotland behind and moved over to Ireland with his family to Carrick on Shannon where he spent many happy years working at Carrick Craft.

He then went to Dunleary and worked for the national yacht club for some period of time.

Shortly after this he retired and spent many happy years in Carrick on Shannon, where he could often be seen in the local playing his Gibson guitar, which Ms. Lothian said was “his pride and joy”.

In later years he moved to Kesh due to ill health, and to be close to his daughter Ms. Lothian.

The funeral service of Mr. Lothian took place on Sunday, November 17 in Lakelands Crematorium, Cavan. The RAF association and the Royal British Legion were in attendance along with a good turnout of Mr. Lothian’s family, friends and neighbours.

“He would have been so proud of his funeral service and everyone who turned out to give him a lovely send off,” shared Ms. Lothian.

During the service Mr. Lothian’s granddaughter Emma paid tribute to her grandfather by recalling some of the fond memories they shared together. The funeral arrangements were by Marcus Madill, S.R.Elliott Funeral Directors.

Mr. Lothian lived a full life, he knew the things he wanted in life, he had goals and he achieved them, and took pride in it. He will be sadly missed by all his family and friends. Daughter Jenny, son George, and his two granddaughters Emma and Eilish.