A man with 275 convictions was sentenced to 100 hours of community service at Fermanagh Magistrates Court with District Judge Stephen Keown stating; “if there are any further issues you will be in a precarious position”.

37-year-old Derek McCordick, with an address of The Commons, Bellanaleck, pleaded guilty to resisting arrest with the court hearing that police had been called to a property at Coolcullen Meadow on December 28 2018, with a female making a complaint against the defendant.

The court heard that police felt that McCordick was “heavily under the influence of drugs” and that he resisted arrest.

A defending solicitor revealed that her client “strongly denied” taking drugs on the night in question. The solicitor went on to say that there was a significant “history” between the defendant and the woman who had called police on the night in question.

The defence told the court that there had been a series of allegations made by the woman that had not resulted in convictions and that McCordick had spent several months in jail based on allegations made by the woman and that the case was dismissed through lack of evidence.

Judge Keown interceded at this point to say that he “might have more sympathy for his plight if he did not have 275 previous convictions”.

The defence replied to say that they were simply outlining some context to what happened and that McCordick had been “frustrated due to another allegation being made”.

The defence stated that during his most recent time in custody the defendant had taken significant steps to deal with his mental health and on release, had attended his GP and been refereed to Mental Health Services.

Judge Keown sentenced McCordick to 100 hours of community service.