Sometimes there is more to a word than meets the eye. Kindertee Community Playgroup is one such word.

It is made up of the first three letters of the villages Kinawley, Derrylin and Teemore, the three areas that it serves. Kinder is also the German for child. So there are a few layers to the name. For the past 21 years Kindertee has been an integral part of Angela Lynam’s life, and she an integral part of everything that happens at the playgroup.

And it has been her unstinting dedication to helping provide an environment where children can feel loved, secured and where they can take their first tentative steps on a life of education that saw her awarded an MBE in the New Year Honours.

“It is a real honour to have received the award,” Angela explained to the Impartial Reporter before deflecting all attention away from herself.

“But the award is really for everyone who has ever been involved with the playgroup here in Derrylin. It really is a team effort and I think a special mention has to go to those people who saw the need for a play group in Derrylin almost 40 years ago. They worked very hard to raise the funds when times were more difficult.”

And Angela reports that the playgroup is going from strength to strength. With six members of staff the playgroup is once again full with 52 children attending.

“I think it is so important and I really believe that a child who has enjoyed their pre school experience will go on to transition well in to primary school. That is what we want to do here for every child,” Angela explained.

Angela is too modest to speak about her own contribution to Kindertee over the past 21 years but she admits that it is a “passion” of hers and it is clear that she has touched the lives of many over the past two decades.

She will continue to touch lives, and make sure that the wider community stays at the heart of everything the playgroup does.

“The children, their parents, the volunteers who do so much for the playgroup, they are the important people and we are so thankful for their support,” she concluded.