Kesh primary school pupil, Evie Stronge, was the toast of her school after she finished in the top ten in Northern Ireland in a BBC Radio Ulster competition.

Nine year old Evie entered the competition, “Two Minute Tales” which was run by the Stephen Clements show, with her story read out twice on the radio, including Christmas Day.

Her story, “North Pole’s Got Talent”, featured wonderful characters such as Amanda Golden, Simon Claus and David Snow-Balions. And with Jack Frost threatening to ruin the talent show it was up to the contestants to team up together with Evie brilliantly building the tension.

Evie said that she spent a long time writing her story and that her classmates were “very happy and pleased” when she was picked in the top ten.

Evie revealed that English was her “second favourite” subject in school behind art but she has a plan for the future as she wants to be an author who writes and illustrates her own stories when she grows up.

And being such an avid artist Evie was doubly delighted to make the top ten in the competition as there was a special illustration made of her fabulous story. The illustration and story along with the other stories in the top ten was made into a book entitled “Two Minute Tales” which is available online.

Evie’s whole family are “so proud” of her exploits according to mum Gillian. Little brother George and big sister Phoebe both loved Evie’s story with dad Leslie making up the proud family.

Here is Evie’s full story:

It was a cold snowy evening in the North Pole and all the elves were practising for the annual

talent show.

Blitz Blast could make 100 perfect shaped snow balls at lightning speed, Eve Frost could turn things into ice, and Figgy Roll could eat the most fig rolls in the whole of the North Pole. Buddy Tinsel was just fabulous….well, that’s what he thought.

It was the evening of the show and everyone was so excited. The three judges took their places.

There was Amanda Golden, Simon Claus and David Snow-Ballions.

Just as the talent show was about to start, the wise old elf came dashing in with some terrible news. Jack Frost was on his way! Reindeer Radar had spotted his plane approaching at full speed toward the North Pole. Everyone panicked. Jack Frost hated elves having fun.

The show contestants decided to team up and use their talents to save the day. The elves took up their positions on the runway. Blitz Blast threw as many snow balls as he could and Eve Frost froze the runway to make it as slippery as possible. Then Figgy Roll slid quickly to the end of the runway and……BOING! Jack Frost bounced right onto Figgy Rolls tummy and then disappeared out of sight!

As for Buddy Tinsel, he was completely useless, but he was also absolutely fabulous the whole time.