How would you describe your sound?

Still evolving. I play guitar and fiddle, both of which I played as a child and both of which I gave up for years. I took the guitar back up about six years ago and the fiddle about three, so I’m still working towards my sound!

What genre/genres do you consider your music to be?

Folk, bluesy and a little bit Irish.

How long have you been performing?

As a child I played guitar with my local Traditional group. I played the fiddle in school with the school orchestra- that was a good while ago now! I started to get back out and perform on the guitar over the last three years and I’m really starting to enjoy it, although I don’t do it often enough. It took a while to start taking the fiddle out to local sessions- I was a lot less confident with it and I still can’t play along with every tune, but nothing improves you quicker than getting in and mixing with people who are better than you- I highly recommend it!

What is your favourite song to play and why?

It changes every time I learn a new song! But on the guitar I enjoy fingerpicking, so songs like 'Songbird' or 'Autumn Leaves'. 'Caledonia' is good too as most people know that and will sing along, which is nice. 'If I Ever Leave This World Alive' is another, by one of my favourite bands, Flogging Molly. It’s a song that reminds me of my grandad, so I love playing it.

What has been your biggest gig to date?

I played Rock the Lough a year or two ago- it was definitely the biggest crowd. I was nervous but they were really supportive and it was a great buzz for me.

Who are your major influences?

I like songs with a message, so people like Joan Baez, Hozier, NOFX. For sheer skill on guitar I love Eva Cassidy, Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac, Rory Gallagher. For inspiring me to get back to playing guitar- First Aid Kit, The Beatles, Maggie Rogers. For teaching me how to actually play more than just chords- Pete Cresswell. My major influences when it comes to the fiddle have been closer to home- Horslips, the Dubliners, Lankum and my sisters!

Do you write your own songs? What inspires your songwriting?

I have started to write my own songs in the last year or so. So far my inspiration has come from things that have happened in my life- it makes sense to write about what I know. They haven’t seen the light of day yet, but maybe this year will be the year!

What would be your dream gig?

Playing my own songs in the Empire would be great, or at Stendhal or Sunflower Fest... or all three!

Best moment as a musician so far?

After playing a gig, I had someone tell me they could see me playing at Glastonbury- it’s great to have other people dream big for me even if I don’t!

What is the most unusual venue you have played?

Enniskillen Castle for Culture Night last year! It wasn’t a massive gig- it was just myself and Pete who played and there wasn’t many people there, but it was a different experience and I hope they keep growing it in the coming years with some of the great local talent we have here in Fermanagh.

What is your ‘go-to’ encore song?

'Dreams' by the Cranberries- especially when playing with my sister- you can’t beat good harmonies. And it’s a great upbeat song too.

What's the best thing about performing?

I think, once you put in the practice and you know what you’re doing, then you can let yourself go and put your own twist on songs. I really enjoy doing that.

Do you always perform solo or do you also play with a band?

I mostly play the guitar solo, although I work with my sisters for weddings. With the fiddle, I play at sessions. I love getting in sync with other musicians and hearing my instrument just click in with everyone else’s. It’s a great feeling.

What does 2020 hold for you?

I have a few goals for this year. The main one is to push myself to play more gigs and to stick one or two of my own songs into the playlist. We’ll see how it goes.

Any last words?

Most people think if they don’t take up an instrument when they’re a child, then it’s too late. It’s definitely not- just find a good teacher or class, and give it a go. You never know where it will take you!