by Doctor Caroline Cassidy, a Fermanagh born GP, now based in Carrickfergus.

Things will definitely get worse. I think people are about to realise how much we take for granted.
Over this last week, I have witnessed professionally, the very best, but also the very worst of behaviour. Our staff have been working so hard, with our well designed protocols changing at least twice daily.
Yet, they have been verbally abused and physically threatened. I appreciate people are frightened, we all are. 
We shared some of our own employees with our Health Centre Pharmacy to help them deal with the unmitigated surge in requests. It was the least we felt we could do to help.
Queues of shoppers lining car parks and streets are putting everyone at risk.
There will be thousands of deaths as a result of COVID 19 in NI. For the greatest number to survive, we need to increase social distancing now so that the health services will be able to cope when the inevitable surge in numbers occurs. 
I’m not afraid for me. I am scared for my family and friends, and the unknown future which will follow for everyone.
People should not be panicking. But they need to take these risks seriously now. A few days or weeks from now is too late.

Impartial Reporter: