Local Illustrator Gráinne Knox has designed two St. Patrick’s Day themed colouring-in pages to keep children occupied and provide an element of calm among the coronavirus storm.

“I can’t take credit for the idea completely though, I follow a lot of other illustrators on Twitter and amid chat of lock downs and home schooling a few have started to post up drawings for colouring in, or little tutorials of how to draw different characters,” explained Gráinne. “I have two kids of my own, aged four and six, who usually love to get out and about on St. Patrick’s Day and watch the parades. They don’t completely understand what’s going on in the world, but they are tiny sponges for info and emotions and know that there’s something not quite right. I didn’t want the day to pass for them completely without marking it, so taking a cue from twitter and suggestions from the kids I thought I’d make them something to do - and so we have our colouring in unicorn and dragon! This will allow them a bit of normality, St. Patrick’s Day is still here, just a little bit different. Something to keep them occupied and concentrating on away from the constant chat and rolling news of coronavirus. There’s nothing better than a bit of art and crafts to evoke a bit of calm. And - on the plus side, it will allow parents a wee half hour or so of calm too!”

Gráinne has a Facebook page www.facebook.com/InspiredByAstrid and Twitter account @Grainne_Knox where she shares different bits and pieces she is working on.

“They do say it takes a village to raise a child, and in these times of social distancing maybe social media will allow that village to keep in touch,” shared Gráinne.