It has been over two weeks since the last positive Covid-19 case was recorded in Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area according to the Department of Health.

The daily update from the department shows that the district is still the least affected area with 181 positive individuals out 8,170 tested.

The area has 11 deaths, however the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) reported there were 17 deaths in the district up until July 17.

It is also another day of no deaths realted to the virus in Northern Ireland with the total still static at 556.

Eight people in Northern Irelan tested positive for the virus in the last 24 hours out of 1,375 tests. There has now been 5,938 positive cases out of 141,172 people tested.

The latest statistics from the Department of Health are mainly from hospital fatalities where a person has tested positive.

NISRA data shows death toll reached 850 by July 17 and this includes care homes/ in the community/hospice and hospitals.

The new data collection by the department refers to both Health and Social Care (HSC) Trust Laboratory completed tests (Pillar 1) and National Initiative Laboratory completed tests (Pillar 2).

The Department of Health continues to publish the Covid-19 reproduction number on a weekly basis.

The current estimate of R is 0.5 - 1.0

R represents the number of individuals who, on average, will be infected by a single person with the infection.  R does not have a fixed value but varies with time, and is likely to be different every day.

When community transmission of the virus is very low, R will no longer be the most important number for the purpose of policy decisions.

In particular, once the number of new cases is sufficiently low in the context of a robust testing programme and test/trace/protect strategy, the number of positive tests per day is likely to be a more important parameter.

R continues to show a high degree of volatility and be heavily influenced by small local clusters, and is therefore not the key indicator for policy decisions.