The controversial proposal brought before Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s Policy and Resources meeting, in respect of the campaign against the extradition of Liam Campbell, has not been ratified at full council after the majority of members voted against it being discussed.

However, this was not without issue and included an explosive outburst by one Sinn Fein councillor, who had seconded the original proposal, brought by Independent Councillor Bernice Swift.

While the vote to return the matter to committee was strongly in favour, opinion within Sinn Fein was dramatically split.

On reaching the issue on the agenda Councillor Robert Irvine, Ulster Unionist proposed it was sent back to the Policy and Resources Committee without discussion and requested a recorded vote.

This was seconded by Democratic Unionist Errol Thompson, averting ratification at this stage.

Councillor Swift said: “This is about the about the extradition of Liam Campbell to Lithuania to protect his human and civil rights as an Irish citizen, against any human rights abuse. I ask for  agreement here tonight, for that process to take place efficiently and effectively … with the agreement of all present here. Human rights are not optional or inalienable and are universal. Is on those grounds and those alone I had brought, as asked, for help and support to stop this extradition campaign.”

Chairman Councillor Chris Smyth pointed out there was a motion tabled around this and he did not want to have the same discussion twice, but noted: “There is dissent in the chamber, therefore I am putting it straight to the vote.

In the course of this, as members names were called for voting, and this stacking up in favour of returning the issue to committee, Councillor Greene was heard furiously asking: “What the hell are we at?”

The vote came in at 29 in favour, with six against, and one abstention.

Those opposed to a return to committee, included four Sinn Fein members who broke rank from their party colleagues.