Thanks to the allocation of £40,500 from The Executive, courtesy of The Central Good Relations Fund 2020/2021, SEFF – in partnership with Carrosyl Community Association (CCA), which comprises the Carrowshee and Sylvan Hill Estates – are delivering a good relations programme of support for the benefit of youth and older people.

Kenny Donaldson, SEFF’s Director of Services, said: “The promotion of good relations – better described as promoting good neighbourly relationships – is extremely important to SEFF, and we have been proactive in this work for five to six years now, enjoying positive relationships with CCA and others.”

“We are pleased to have recruited Michael Mullin, who has a strong background in working within the community and in supporting marginalised groups and individuals.”

Michael Mullin oversees the SEFF and Carrosyl: Building a United and Confident Community programme. Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, Michael explained that the programme is for young people aged 11 to 18 and older people aged 60-plus who are based in and around the Lisnaskea area.

“The programme is split into five areas. We have language diversity and religious diversity, sport, ethnic minorities and, finally, Fermanagh customs and food. We are planning on delivering a range of different workshops around those five areas,” said Michael.

The language diversity element of the programme is currently up and running with an introduction to Ulster Scots, which is being taught via Zoom online meetings.

A highlight of the programme is the Fermanagh customs and local foods element. “It’s sort of been a major factor and selling point for us in the programme and we really want to highlight that with a celebratory event in the SEFF allotments, where they are currently growing a whole heap of seasonal fruit and vegetables.”

He said they also plan to create a recipe book including Fermanagh favourites such as boxty and homemade breads.

“People are struggling with their mental health, both young and old, so a project like this where people can come together safely and learn about both their differences and similarities is really important,” Michael told this newspaper.

For further information or to register your interest, contact Michael at 0286 772 3884, or 0770 913 4215.