IN THE small village of Pettigo, a group for girls – the Girls' Life Brigade – was formed in 1960.

This was attached to Pettigo Methodist Church, with the Methodist minister being the only chaplain for the group, unlike the Boys' Brigade, that had three chaplains, with one from each of the three churches.

The Reverend Martin Lynas, and his wife, Meta, who moved to Canada, started the company of girls.

Mrs. Kathleen Adamson and Helen Humphries had to complete a written exam, and Kathleen was the first Captain until she moved to England in 1967.

Miss Helen Humphries was Captain until she left the area in 1973, with the next Captain being Mrs. Laura Greenaway, the minister at that time’s wife, then followed by Mrs. Barbara Somerville, then Miss Marion Henderson for 18 years.

The current Captain, Mrs. Margaret Noble, has now been the Captain for 25 years and, 60 years on from its forming, and now known as The Girls’ Brigade, the Pettigo group is still going strong, just like Coronation Street, which also celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020 too.

The company had planned to celebrate this major milestone at some stage during 2020, but unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, pandemic Pettigo Girls’ Brigade had to stop meeting at the beginning of March this year.

However, members are looking ahead to 2021, with the hopes of being able to resume meeting as soon as the pandemic has passed, and restrictions permitting.