BALCAS, a Fermanagh-based timber company, are delighted to have been involved in the BBC's DIY SOS Big Build project for a Bangor family which is to air at 9pm on BBC One tonight (Monday, February 22).
A Balcas spokeswoman said: "It was an honour for us to be invited along to the Big Reveal in Bangor, Co. Down back in June, 2019, following the completion of the BBC DIY SOS Big Build which had been under way for the previous 10 days.
“It’s been a long wait, but tonight we get to finally watch the transformation of the McCreight’s home tonight in what was the first DIY SOS visit here in their 20-year history."
Balcas supplied sleepers and fencing to complete the garden design which McCreight mum, Mandy, described as "the cherry on the cake".
The McCreight family of four live with complex health needs that resulted in them living in isolation from each other, but following a complete refit of their house, they can restart their lives together again.
It was an emotional experience for all involved, and presenter Nick Knowles paid tribute to the tradespeople and suppliers from across Northern Ireland who pulled together with true community spirit to make the family’s dream a reality.
"Until the programme airs, and quite rightly not to spoil the surprise, we have to keep photos of the finished product under wraps, but we promise you’ll be wowed when you watch," said the Balcas spokeswoman.
She added: “This was a tremendous opportunity for us under our #BalcasInTheCommunity initiative, and we were delighted to help in the small way we did.
“Meeting fellow suppliers, and especially the folk who worked 24/7 to build this family a future, was a really heart-warming and proud moment for Northern Ireland."