Fermanagh mother and daughter art duo Jayne and Meagan Daley, known professionally as Connected Creatives, use their combined skills to produce striking artworks ranging from bold and colourful abstracts to detailed landscapes. Jayne's artistic journey started with Ardess Art Society and over the years she has had great success with her creative talents, having appeared on Channel 4’s 'Watercolour Challenge' and coming second in the Irish Body Painting Championships.

Meagan studied Fashion Communication at university and is a photographer, artist and freelance marketing executive. She is also the brand manager for Connected Creatives.

Although they work together, each artist takes inspiration from different sources. Jayne is inspired by light, contrast and texture, while Meagan draws inspiration from nature, travelling and photography.

Here Jayne and Meagan speak to The Impartial Reporter about what inspires them, their most ambitious piece to date and what their art means to them.

What is your artistic background?

We are both self taught.

Who/what are your biggest influences?

We are both heavily influenced by our family and each other. We vibe brilliantly of each other.

Is there a specific place that you do your work? Do you have a studio?

We work from our studio in Enniskillen

What has been your most ambitious piece to date?

Our most ambitious piece yet has to be our Mural painting of (Enniskillen in a nutshell) in Between the Bridges which also hosts our work.

What different artistic media do you use and which is your favourite?

We use mixed media as this gives us full potential in expressing our creativity.

What are you currently working on?

We are really honing in on what we have here at our doorstep. Beautiful Fermanagh. We want to capture the beauty of our Lakeland’s.

Do you exhibit your work anywhere?

We are currently online via social media, you can find us at @connected_creatives on Instagram and Connected Creatives on Facebook. Our work is also exhibited in Between The Bridges whilst we are also in the midst of creating a new series which will be hosted by Hambly & Hambly.

Any new artistic ventures planned for 2021?

After doing some commercial work for Benbulben Court in Sligo, we have just been commissioned to create the artwork for the interior of the building.

What are you up to when you aren’t creating art?

When not painting pieces Jayne paints faces. She is a beauty therapist who works from her own studio at home. Meagan writes and performs her own music and loves to surf.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Style does not define us, we create purely from the soul, that combines with what our clients vision is. Our pieces are powerful and totally personable.

What does your art mean to you?

Being a mother and daughter duo this really drives us as a force and connects us deeply. We then take this connection and work with our client’s ideas to create their masterpiece. It makes us truly honoured to know that our pieces will be displayed in someone’s home forever, kids will grow up seeing it every day, people will pass by it every day, it will see Christmases and birthdays every year, it will survive through it and bring memories and stories for many.