GORDONS Chemists and Knitted Knockers of Northern Ireland have formed a new partnership to supply free hand-knit 100 per cent cotton breast prosthetics for those who have had mastectomy surgery.

The founder of Knitted Knockers of Northern Ireland (KKNI), Joanne Harris, and co-founder Linda Ferguson have been best friends since the age of five – moe than 51 years.

They found that many women who have undergone a mastectomy struggle with their silicone breast prosthetic, finding it heavy and uncomfortable.

Joanne sought out a lightweight natural fibre alternative and came across Knitted Knockers – free, 100 per cent cotton, hand-knit, breast prosthetics that can be worn in any bra.

Everyone at Knitted Knockers of Northern Ireland are volunteers. They provide a space where people can come together to help and support breast cancer survivors to gain comfort, confidence and provide peer support. They also work closely with breast care clinics throughout Northern Ireland.

Talking about the new partnership, Melanie Talbot, Marketing Manager for Gordons Chemists, said: “We are delighted to partner with Knitted Knockers of Northern Ireland.

“On average 1,400 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Northern Ireland.

“This is a great initiative, that supports so many cancer patients, and we were more than happy to help this worthwhile cause by raising the profile and accessibility of their Knitted Knockers throughout Northern Ireland by stocking them in our stores.”

Knitted Knockers, as well as their crocheted swimming knocker, will always be completely free to everyone who has had mastectomy surgery.

If you or anybody you know has had a mastectomy and is looking for a more comfortable alternative to your current breast prosthetic, make sure to call into your local Gordons Chemists.