A MODERN bus station costing in the region of £600,000 is under construction by Ulsterbus for Enniskillen.

It is to use the same site as the present Ulsterbus station at Shore Road, Enniskillen, and the aim is to provide the travelling public with a high degree of comfort.

The new building, approximately twice the size of the present bus station, has been planned to enhance the appearance of the riverside area and to blend with the Visitor Centre and Lakeland Forum.

Details of the plans for the new bus station were outlined by Mr. Raymond Gault, Ulsterbus manager at Enniskillen, when he was invited to give a talk at Enniskillen Rotary Club on the bus services in the course of a ‘My Job’ address to his fellow Rotarians.

The new station is to have much larger toilets and washing facilities for bus passengers, an extensive seating area, and a public address system for announcing arrivals and departures.

The possibilities of having a snack bar and light refreshments available is being considered.

There is to be a covered area for boarding and alighting from buses. The office area is being enlarged and there are to be improved toilet facilities for Ulsterbus staff, including a shower.

Already a start has been made on improving the appearance of the area around the present station.