Police are treating the actions of street preachers in Enniskillen yesterday (Thursday) as a hate incident.
A PSNI spokesperson said: "Police received a report yesterday evening, Thursday, August 12, in relation to street preachers in the Diamond area of Enniskillen between 2 and 5pm.”
Speaking further on the incident, Sergeant Hicks said: “The report, which was received at approximately 7.15pm, has been recorded as a hate incident, and an investigation is ongoing.”

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When approached by this newspaper yesterday afternoon, the evangelical preachers said they were part of the Church in Ireland group.
None of the preachers are from Fermanagh. Two are from Belfast, and two are from Banbridge.
The preachers covered a range of topics at the Diamond, including the rise of Paganism in Ireland, same-sex relations, same-sex marriage, abortion, transgender issues, adultery, and pre-marital sex in young people, and linked some of these issues back to the Bible, and Bible verses.