THE local Sinn Feiners are not content with the results of the boycott of Protestant businesses housed in Fermanagh so far.

The response to their appeal for exclusive dealing has not been as hearty as its promoters would have wished, and a new hand bill has been issued, as follows:




Catholics are starving in Belfast. Women and children have no food and no bed to lie on.

Hundreds of once happy Catholic homes have been given to the flames.

The scoundrels who did this are living on your money.

Make a resolve that until Belfast learns Christian Charity, you will leave it alone.

Take up your stand against bigotry and intolerance, and for the right of all people to worship God in their own way without molestation or hurt.

We have no quarrel with Fermanagh Protestants, and will trade with them, if they consent to leave out Belfast.

Meantime, the following Enniskillen houses are on our ‘White List’ and you must make your purchases from them.

You must not deal with any house, in Town or Country, that purchases from Belfast directly or indirectly.

Grocers, Tobacconists, &c.:

Cox Brothers, Joseph Cox,

J.B. Dillon, Enniskillen Co-operative Soc., Ltd., Farmer Bros., P. O’Reilly, Lipton Ltd.

Drapery, Boots &c.:

B. Corrigan, Dicks Ltd.,

B. Hackett, Jas. Kelly, Kerr &

Co., Tylers Ltd., Tully & Co.

Stationers, &c.:

Mrs. Kilbride.

By order of the Enniskillen Committee of the ‘Belfast Boycott’.