A scam email relating to ordering a PCR test for the Omicron variant of Covid has been reported circulating around in the UK.

Several Trading Standards groups have sent out warnings telling people not to click the link on such emails, which goes to a fake NHS website.

Reportedly the emails have been asking individuals for payment for ordering PCR tests.

The NHS wouldn't ask for payment, as the vaccine is free, and should not ask for your bank details in such a circumstance.

The Norfolk County Council Trading Standards body put a post out on their Twitter warning people of the scam.

It read: "Beware of fake NHS emails asking you to order a Omicron PCR test. Link goes to a fake NHS website.

"The NHS will: NEVER ask for payment - the vaccine is free NEVER ask for your bank details."

It encouraged individuals to forward scam emails received to Report@Phishing.Gov.UK.