Two Fermanagh South Tyrone MLAs have raised their concerns about the Spend Local card scheme and how it was distributed to residents, following ongoing issues with its roll-out that saw some people fail to receive the card a.

The final extended date to use the card was last Friday, January 7.

Sinn Fein MLA Áine Murphy called on the Minister for the Economy, Gordon Lyons, to ensure those who were verified for the card but didn't receive it to still get the £100 card and an opportunity to spend it.

She said: "[Some people] had difficulty using their card, received it late, or not at all. The scheme has been reopened for a limited number of people, and that is to be welcomed.

"It would be both unfair and unacceptable if those who were verified for a card but didn't receive it or had issues using their card, through no fault of their own, did not have the opportunity to spend it in local businesses and to support the local economy."

UUP MLA Rosemary Barton expressed concern at the number of constituents that have contacted her office regarding problems with the card, or not receiving one.

She said: “Many constituents contacted my office after several failed attempts at trying to phone the recommended phone number and the lack of replies to emails.

"The issues associated with the card ranged from difficulties with the PIN code not being recognised to cards not arriving, even though the details of the application had been verified more than one month previously.

"Consequently a number of constituents have been left very disappointed and deprived.

"Since the closure of the [Spend Local] scheme I have written to Minister Lyons asking him to investigate the various problems that have manifested through this scheme, and requesting that consideration be given to recompensing those that have lost out through no fault of their own.”