IMC Enniskillen unveiled its latest upgrade on February 15 by opening its LUXX Galactic treatment to its resident cinema audience.

With a floor to ceiling screen and enhanced Dolby sound system, patrons can relax in its state-of-the-art reclining leather chairs and extensive foot space and extra wide aisles.

The Enniskillen cinema has put itself back on the radar of the local community with its 150-seat screen, doubling its on-site collection services for online bookings, and now adding the ability to book your favourite IMC Cinema snacks in addition to tickets since the modernisation began following the reopening in May, 2021.

Planned features

This exclusive screen is one of many planned features to be brought to the IMC Enniskillen, with an ongoing investment of £200,000 since reopening last year following a number of lockdowns.

“The IMC Group is excited to bring its LUXX Galactic screen to loyal customers, with it being important for IMC Group to support local tradespeople throughout this development, as it has been a difficult two years for the community,” said a spokesman for IMC Enniskillen.