A student was who was an ‘R’ driver was detected driving at just under 100mph.

On March 13, a speed detection operation at the Belfast Road, Lisbellaw detected a car heading towards Enniskillen travelling at a speed of 97mph.

The speed limit for an ‘R’ driver is 45mph.

When the car was stopped by police, the driver – Christopher Norman Bryans (18), with an address of Forthill Street, Enniskillen – told officers he was not paying attention to his speed.

His solicitor, Michael Fahy, told Enniskillen Magistrates Court on Monday that this was a “grossly inordinate speed” by his client and said it was a lesson to anyone that they could be caught speeding at any time of the day as this incident happened at 12.30am.

He said there was little to no traffic on the road, but said this did not negate from the seriousness of the matter and added it should not have happened and would not happen again.

District Judge Steven Keown told Bryans he was “going to shoot himself in the foot” before he even gets started in the world of work if this happens again.

Convicting him of excess speed, Bryans was handed five penalty points and a £300 fine.