A senior Judge today (Wednesday) discharged a jury presiding over a murder trial involving the death of 18-year-old John Paul McDonagh.

Mr. McDonagh bled to death from a leg wound he sustained during a 'street battle' in the Coolcullen Meadow area of Enniskillen in April 2020.

Two men and a youth were charged with offences arising from Mr. McDonagh's death, and following their denials, a trial involving all three commenced last week.

Six men and six women were sworn to serve as jurors at Dungannon Crown Court, sitting in Belfast - but after just two days of evidence and an adjournment, the trial was eventually aborted earlier today and the jury discharged.

Mr. Justice Rooney addressed the 12 jurors, and after thanking them for the time and dedication they had shown so far, he said their services would no longer be required.

The Judge revealed that in their absence, a legal issue arose which prompted him to ask for submissions from both the Crown and defence.

He told the jurors that after considering written and oral submissions on the legal issue "the net result is that I have to discharge you as a jury hearing this particular matter."

After discharging the jury, Mr Justice Rooney said he would review the case again later this week.