The family of the late Shauna Reilly (23), who took her own life after being allegedly sexually assaulted by a man after he spotted her attending a local church, are calling for th PSNI to review her case.

Shauna’s death caused devastation for the family and there was further heartbreak and devastation as seven weeks after Shauna’s death, the family were mourning her sister Michelle (33), who also took her own life.

The alleged perpetrator noticed Shauna at a church she didn’t usually attend, and contacted her. He spoke of his faith and persuaded her to allow him to visit her home, but it is alleged that instead of praying, he sexually assaulted Shauna.

Shauna attended Enniskillen Police Station following her alleged assault, with the alleged perpetrator arrested and questioned by the PSNI. He twice denied anything had happened, and he then said consensual sex did take place.

Given the forensic evidence, the Reilly family strongly contends this version of events, and question why the alleged suspect changed his stance.

Barry O’Donnell, of KRW Law, is representing the Reilly family and has written to the PSNI to ask for Shauna’s file to be reopened.

Speaking to former Impartial Reporter journalist Rodney Edwards for the Sunday Independent, Mr O’Donnell said he understood the alleged perpetrator “may have been involved in similar predatory behaviour on other young females which was reported to police”.

He added: “We respectfully request that the investigation and evidence are reviewed and our client updated accordingly.”