A woman who kicked a police officer in the testicles while being arrested has been given a probation order to get her life back on track.

It was heard in Enniskillen Magistrates Court on Monday how police attended an incident at an address in Irvinestown on January 28.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service were also there, with a fire under control at the property.

The owner of the house, Catriona Slevin (35), with an address of Sligo Road, Enniskillen, arrived and attempted to get into the house but was stopped from doing so. She appeared unsteady on her feet and under the influence.

She left in a silver car and was located on Mill Street with the lights on and engine running.

There was a smell of intoxicating liquor, her eyes were glazed and her speech slurred, the court heard.

She was asked to complete a preliminary breath test on numerous occasions but refused, saying: "No, arrest me."

At 3.10am Slevin was arrested, but struggled and resisted with police, shouting and swearing.

She was warned to stop and put into the rear of a police car, where she struck one police officer and kicked out at another, hitting them in the testicles.

Slevin managed to get out of the car and made off, but was quickly caught and taken to Omagh Police Station where she refused to provide a specimen of breath.

Her barrister, Brian O'Sullivan, told the court a neighbour had informed Slevin about the fire at her house, and she arrived in a state of "heightened anxiety".

He said Slevin apologised to the court and police for her behaviour.

Slevin, he said, would be willing to comply with any order from Probation, as set out in the pre-sentence report.

Slevin was convicted of two counts of assault on police, disorderly behaviour and failure to provide a specimen of breath.

District Judge Steven Keown ordered Slevin to complete a 12-month probation order, and banned her from driving for one year.

He told her that this gives her the opportunity to "get back on track".