The Chair of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has met with local farmers to hear how they have been affected by the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Councillor Barry McElduff visited a farm in the Cooneen area to meet farmers and to hear their story about the struggle to keep going in the present cost of living crisis. 

The Chair, along with local Councillor Sheamus Greene, Sinn Fein, met hill farmers Sean Goodwin and James McDonagh, who explained how the price of diesel has doubled in price, fertilizer has trebled in price, and meal for their cattle has also trebled in price in less than 12 months.

Speaking following the meeting, Councillor Greene said: “This is simply unsustainable for the large majority of family farms. They also pointed out that farmers in the Republic have received government intervention to help farms survive, but here in the North, the Department of Agriculture has done nothing to help.”

Councillor Greene continued: "Minister of Agriculture Edwin Poots needs to take action to help the farming industry before it is too late.

"It seems that the Minister has fell asleep at the wheel. I have appealed to him even at this late stage to come to the rescue of farmers with a package of support to help them remain in business.

“If family farms are allowed to go out of business, the ordinary consumer will be left at the mercy of foreign producers, which would be a complete disaster.

"Remember what has happened to energy prices because we are dependent on the international markets. We need to protect our farmers so the same does not happen to our food production."