An actress from Fermanagh has reflected on her experience of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last month.

Mimi Millmore is currently completing the one-year intensive professional acting course at Acting Coach Scotland. Originally from Enniskillen, Mimi picked up a passion for performing at a young age, and furthered her studies at South West College, studying Performing Arts and Media.

As part of her course of study, Mimi and her classmates performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Describing her experiencing of performing at The Fringe and watching other acts, Mimi said: “I had the most beautiful and exhilarating experience at The Fringe where I was indulging in the immense talent there; diving into the craft and a culture of art I truly feel at home with.”

Mimi was part of an ensemble cast performing ‘Blue’, by Joe Ward Munrow. The play is described as a disquieting and darkly funny play which shines a light on the state of mental health services in modern Britain.

Mimi played a character called ‘Jon Corrigan’ who was a clinician within the unit who is diagnosed as clinically depressed. The play examines both sides of mental-health care – those who receive it, and those who give it.

She was pleased with the experience and believes she has grown both personally and professionally, saying: “Overall, I believe it is one of the greatest lessons to be taught in training. I feel like a different actor now from when it started.

“I grew immensely both personally and professionally. To perform a piece that is so hard-hitting and relevant in today’s society was a pleasure.

“To be in a position where I performed six days a week for three weeks straight makes me feel beyond blessed. I feel lucky to finally be doing what I love and doing it with honour.”

The performance received many reviews during its time at The Fringe, with reviewers describing it as “an emotional roller coaster”.

Mimi will continue her acting studies until the end of the year.e, with reviewers describing it as "an emotional roller coaster". Mimi will continue her acting studies until the end of the year.