A man who kicked a woman during one assault and held a knife to his mother's throat on separate occasions has been given a suspended sentence.

At around 6.30am on February 6, 2021 police were called to a report of an incident in the Drumbeg area of Enniskillen.

When they arrived they observed paramedics restraining Blaine Duffy (29), of Drumbawn Close, Enniskillen.

Officers had to restrain Duffy who was bleeding heavily from his head and hand.

Enniskillen Magistrates Court heard how Duffy had broken a window of a house and injured his hand on glass as well assaulting the woman in the house.

He was arrested and taken to custody.

The injured party gave a statement to police describing how she met Duffy at her front door and he kicked her under the chin leaving a bruise.

Duffy was interviewed on March 8 and he told police he had been in the house drinking and there had been a scuffle.

In an unrelated incident on July 26, 2021 police were called to a report of a possible ongoing domestic incident in the Drumbawn area of Enniskillen.

The reporting party said they heard shouting and screaming from an address.

There were broken pots and glass being cleared when police arrived.

Duffy then appeared shouting outside the property and he was told to keep it down as there had been a death in the park.

Duffy continued to be abusive and aggressive and was identified as the the injured party's son.

He appeared intoxicated and was shouting towards residents.

Police arrested Duffy who tensed his body and moved his head back as if to lash out.

He then kicked out and struck an officer on the leg while he also struck a glancing blow to the officer's jaw.

In relation to assaulting his mother, bodyworn footage of the injured party detailed how Duffy had held a knife to her throat.

Alan Blackburn, barrister for Duffy, told the court on Monday that the "root cause" of Duffy's offending was his abuse of solvents and substances.

He said Duffy has had serious mental health issues in the past as well.

For both incidents, Duffy was convicted of two counts of common assault, two of criminal damage, two assault on police and a single charge each of resistng police and disorderly behaviour.

District Judge Steven Keown told Duffy he was giving him the "rub of the green" in leaving something hanging over his head and warned him if he could not stay out of trouble he would protect the public and Duffy's family by sending him to jail.

In all Duffy received an eight month prison sentence suspended for two years and a two year restraining order against the woman he assaulted on February 6.