The Ulster Farmers’ Union in Fermanagh have held a Christmas breakfast for charity at the Ringside Restaurant at Ulster Farmers’ Mart in Enniskillen.

Farmers and members attending made donations and this is going to the charity, Marie Curie.

Hosted by Fermanagh UFU County Committee and Chairman, Andrew Gordon and organised by the Group Managers and staff at the office, the event attracted a good turnout.

Guest speaker was David Brown, UFU President, who gave an overview of discussions he and the Presidential team have been having with regards to issues affecting Northern Ireland farmers.

He said a new agricultural policy is due to be introduced in Northern Ireland for 2024 when farmers would no longer automatically get paid the usual basic payment as the direction of travel is towards public goods and the environment and carbon emissions.

He outlined the various components of the agricultural policy as well as some of the factors causing problems from the NI Protocol.

He said despite the negativity attached to livestock farming and carbon emissions, NI, UK and Irish farmers were producing milk and beef with emissions less than half of the world average.

He also raised the issue of food security which is being taken more seriously in Brussels but not so at Westminister.

Some of the current issues include the prevalence of TB in herds, the spread of Avian Influenza and planning issues.