Agrisearch in conjunction with CAFRE and AFBI and supported by the Rising Cost Taskforce are hosting two webinars on Thursday next, February2 at 8pm and on Thursday, February 9 at 8pm.

The focus of these webinars will be on optimising nutrient use efficiency. With continued high cost of fertilisers, maximising nutrient use efficiency is a priority for Northern Ireland farmers. These webinars are specifically tailored to provide advice on how to make best use of nutrients on farm.

The first webinar will highlight the importance of soil fertility and nutrient management, provide an overview of fertiliser options and consider the role of clover in grassland.

The second webinar will aim to raise awareness of how innovative technology can aid efficient use of nutrients, feature first hand experiences of these technologies and their benefits and outline some of the steps that can be taken at farm level to improve nutrient use efficiency.

Farmers can register for the webinars through the CAFRE and AgriSearch websites.

The Zoom registration link for the webinars is: