A sex offender who was repeatedly readmitted to bail after breaching conditions by contacting the child victim while awaiting sentencing, has been freed again, having avoided imprisonment.

Eleanor Moore (29), from Craigavon Park, Fintona, admitted intentionally sexually touching a male child and communicating with him sexually between November, 2020, and March, 2021.

It was previously disclosed that Social Services alerted police over concerns around Moore’s engagement with the boy.

When made aware of his age, she appeared “shocked”, as he had claimed to be older.

Contact however continued, and the relationship remained concerning, with the boy initially reporting Moore raped him, but he subsequently withdrew the complaint.

Examination of her phone found sexual communications with the boy as well as instructions to tell police he had lied about the alleged rape.

Moore was remanded on bail to have no contact with the child; however, she breached this several times, on each occasion being found with him after repeated reports he was missing from home.

Following one arrest, a detective believed Moore would: “Continue to tell [the boy] not to engage with police or other services.

“There is a high risk of child sexual exploitation. Social Services have made numerous reports of her continuing to engage with the child.

“It’s evident she shows no regard for bail conditions, despite charges for serious sexual offences with a child.”

When the case reached Dungannon Crown Court last November, Moore pleaded guilty, and Judge Brian Sherrard ordered pre-sentence reports and directed Moore to sign the Sex Offender Register.

He remanded her on bail, highlighting the no contact condition.

However, she was arrested within days after police observed the child seated in her car. Bail was refused at the lower court, but subsequently granted by Judge Sherrard after he was assured she had “no intention of contacting the child”.

Earlier this month, she was arrested again after the victim’s friend alerted police to messages from her on his phone.

The friend enquired if Moore “should even be texting him?” to which she replied: “You know too much.”

Again bail was refused at the lower court, but on appearing for a pre-sentencing review on January 9, Judge Sherrard once more ordered her release, yet within hours she contacted the victim, angry at his friend “getting her put in jail”.

She also claimed they would be “together forever”.

Moore was remanded in custody overnight, appearing for sentencing last Friday, January 20, where defence counsel contended she is a vulnerable person who displayed emotional immaturity and low intelligence.

She has “a very unsettled domestic history from a previous relationship”, said the defence counsel, continuing: “The victim was there for her, providing support, which was something she never experienced previously ... She thought she loved him.”

A defence-obtained psychologist report stated the relationship seemed to be “a consequence of naivety, poor social judgment and the apparent opportunity for solace”.

Judge Sherrard said while Moore initially may not have known the victim’s age, she was “specially made aware by police, yet continued the sexual relationship with that knowledge”.

He felt the proffered “intellectual deficits are not readily apparent from text communications” with the victim, although he accepted her social functioning is impaired.

The judge stressed no difference can be made between male and female offenders, but there must be an analysis of each instance.

He told Moore: “Your behaviour was unambiguously wrong, and you knew it to be wrong but continued regardless.

“It is of profound concern even at this juncture you are unable to offer insight into the possible significance of your behaviour. You lack responsibility and show limited victim awareness.”

Judge Sherrard imposed a three-year Probation Order, which will involve in-depth work to address Moore’s offending behaviour.

She will remain on the Sex Offender Register for five years, and is subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for the same duration.