An Enniskillen man has told a judge he has no intention of paying fines imposed on him for possession of cannabis as he believes the drug should be legalised.

Brian Murphy (54), of Ballaghmore Heights, Coleshill, Enniskillen appeared at Enniskillen Magistrates Court on Monday.

He had four arrest warrants out for him concerning several matters involving possession of drugs, thefts and a defective tyre. In some of the cases, Murphy had been convicted in his absence.

Three of the matters involved possession of cannabis on dates, February 1, May 25 and September 5 of last year.

On February 1 police stopped a car being driven erratically close to St. Angelo's Airport.

When they spoke with the driver, Murphy, they detected a strong smell of cannabis and drugs were located above the radio. One of the tyres on the car was also defective.

During this incident, Murphy also called police "paedophiles" and during an interview, he admitted the cannabis was his.

On May 25, police on mobile patrol in Enniskillen saw Murphy cycling near the Brook area of the town. He was observed stopping and looking into a house window. When police stopped and asked him what he was doing he became evasive and police were going to search him. He handed over two joints and was cautioned by police.

Then on September 5, police stopped Murphy on Queen Street and spoke to him, detecting a smell of cannabis. During a search, he tried to block the officer from searching him before 6g of cannabis was seized.

In another matter on March 5, 2021, Murphy was identified on CCTV as the person stealing firewood from a property in Enniskillen.

District Judge Alana McSorley asked Murphy, who was self-representing, if he had anything to say about the cases before sentencing with an agitated Murphy saying: "Should you not be considering legalisation [of cannabis]?"

He said he would not be paying any fines for cannabis.

"I ain't paying," said Murphy who was warned if he did not, he could go to prison.

For the three counts of possession of cannabis, defective tyre and theft Murphy was fined a total of £350 and handed three penalty points.