Storage experts have warned against a viral TikTok food hack that could cause serious health issues such as muscle cramps and diarrhoea.

The hack has become very popular on the short-form video-sharing app as many look for new ways to make their food last longer.

This comes amid the cost of living crisis, forcing most of us to tighten our purse strings and be less wasteful.

However, experts over at Pink Storage Cardiff have revealed the one food storage life hack you should avoid.

Impartial Reporter: (Canva) This food storage hack comes amid higher prices on goods(Canva) This food storage hack comes amid higher prices on goods (Image: Canva)

Experts warn against TikTok storage hack for avocados that could cause health issues

The life hack recommended by users on TikTok involves storing your avocados in water to make them last longer.

The avocado is stored in a water-filled plastic container with the product then lasting weeks instead of the usual days.

Many people are following this hack as the average cost of an avocado is around 75p, forcing many people to hold onto them as long as possible before throwing them out.

However, one expert says: "When we came aware of this trend we saw that people were using this trick and that it was working for them. Submerging the avocado in water slows down the oxidisation process which causes your avocado to overripen.  

"While it's clear that the hack does keep your avocados fresher for longer you shouldn't be using this social media hack as it is dangerous.

"The worry of this social media trend is that it does work, and the more that something works the more it is going to be shared on social media.  

Impartial Reporter: (Canva) submerging your avocados in water could be very dangerous, warns experts(Canva) submerging your avocados in water could be very dangerous, warns experts (Image: Canva)

"We can appreciate why someone would go to these lengths to make their budget stretch further, but this hack is very dangerous and can cause serious health issues."

"When you submerge your avocados in the water you are creating an environment that allows human pathogens such as listeria and salmonella to thrive.  

"These pathogens can be present on the surface of avocado and when put in water they can multiply."

Listeriosis is a condition that is caused by eating foods that contain listeria bacteria and can severely impact newborn babies and those with weakened immune systems.

Listeriosis can also be life-threatening as it can lead to conditions such as sepsis and meningitis.

Those unlucky enough to be hit with the worst effects of this storage technique could suffer from fever, muscle aches and diarrhoea.

Nutritionist Toby King also weighed in on the dangers of this hack, saying: "Some social media users believe that they can disinfect the skins from these harmful pathogens but Listeria can infiltrate the pulp of the avocado when in storage. Disinfecting the skin in this instance wouldn't help."

Experts reveal safer solutions to avocado storage hack on TikTok

As preventing your avocados from going off is something most households want, the experts have revealed safer ways of doing this.

These include wrapping the avocado in cling film, keeping the pit inside of the avocado or even storing them with chopped-up onions.

Most long-term storage hacks can be dangerous, so eating them within a few days or not buying as many is key.