Boots has issued a two-month warning to anybody with an Advantage Card, as popular features are set to be changed across all UK stores.

From May 23, Boots shoppers will no longer be able to 4p of points for every £1 they spend, with a new system coming into place.

Rather than collecting 4p of points, customers will now receive 3p of points.

However, to make up for the loss of points, Boots will now give Advantage Card users 10% off on own-brand products.

Impartial Reporter:

Customers will also be able to keep the points they have currently earned under the old system.

In an email to Advantage Card customers, Boots explained: “We're making changes to the Advantage Card terms.

“From May 2023, Advantage Card holders will now get 10% off Boots own-brand products, and collect 3p for every £1 you spend.

“You'll get to keep the number of points you've already collected, and they'll still be worth the same amount.”

Boots chief marketing officer, Pete Markey said: “Boots Advantage Card is one of the original and most generous loyalty programmes, and now we are making it better to fit our customers’ changing needs and the way they now want to shop.

“Customers want to be rewarded with on-the-spot lower prices and instant value. We’ve also noticed that Advantage Card members are now more frequently using their points to buy essentials instead of saving them up.

“We’ve listened and expanded the scheme to give more instant reward, immediate value and lower prices.”