Gordon Wilson has vowed to continue his campaign for peace, following what he described as the IRA’s “total rebuttal” of his request to call off its campaign of terror.

Speaking at his Enniskillen home on Tuesday afternoon, almost a week after his face-to-face talks with the organisation which killed his daughter Marie in 1987, Mr. Wilson (pictured) said he had no regrets.

“Not at all. I’m glad I went,” he said firmly. “I feel, if nothing else was achieved, I am clearer in my mind as are many others, that we are dealing with people who are not amenable to appeals – even from those who have suffered, and people who do not want to know anything about the love of God.”

Mr. Wilson says that since the meeting with the IRA he has continued to receive numerous letters of support from around the world.

Pointing to a large pile he received on Tuesday, he said: “Those people are saying, ‘Stay in there, don’t be discouraged’. And the more days that pass, the less discouraged I am.”

Over the weekend, Mr. Wilson was widely quoted as being in favour of the internment of terrorists, from both sides, and on both sides of the Border.