A new £70,000 community centre at Cashel, outside Garrison, stands as proof of a community “living in harmony”, according to Fermanagh Council Chairman, Mr. Caldwell McClaughry. He was speaking at the official opening of the hall last Thursday.

The oldest person from the area, Mrs. Elizabeth McCaffrey, aged 91, from Scribbagh, assisted by a member of the Community Relations Unit at Stormont, carried out the opening by cutting a large red tape.

Over 100 guests, including many of those who had worked on the former National School building, attended the ceremony.

The Vice-Chairman of Cashel Community Association, Mr. Packie Treacy, outlined the work that had gone into building the centre and how it would now be used.

The project is the first of its kind in Fermanagh to receive capital grant aid funding from the European Regional Development Fund Community Relations Programme.

Bright, coloured bunting hung from poles around the centre as the guests arrived for the opening. Chat and laughter along with Jazz music from a local band filled the hall as young and old milled around before the start of the ceremony. Pictured are Mr. Caldwell McClaughry, Chairman of Fermanagh District Council, chatting with young piper, Theresa McGirr, from Breagho, Enniskillen at the opening.