A pleasant little dance was held in the Orange Hall, Enniskillen, on Saturday night last, to say goodbye to Mr. Wall of the Income Tax Office, and Mr. W. Harvey.

Both these young gentlemen had been instrumental in adding greatly to the social side of Enniskillen life during the past winter.

The fact that Mr. Wall, as an income tax official, is popular speaks wonders, for no matter how nice and courteous an income tax official may be, he is usually a bear in most people’s eyes.

Saturday night’s dance was run by ‘the girls’ and it was one of the most enjoyable dances of the season, which now can be considered to have drawn to a close.

Mr. Harvey is going to Belfast to enter an architect’s office, and in his case I am glad to say it is really not goodbye, for he will return again with renewed vigour to his father’s business, and perhaps take his place once again at the organ at the evening services in the Presbyterian Church, where his aid during the past winter was much appreciated.



Congratulations to Mr. J. I. Eadie, of Albert Terrace, Enniskillen, who is leaving here and going on promotion to the greater district of Londonderry.

Mr. Eadie represents that wonderful flour firm which makes the renowned ‘Millocrat’, and though we will all rejoice at his promotion, we would have wished he could have had it and lived on in Enniskillen permanently.

Mr. Eadie has been one of those hard workers who runs entertainments for the public charities, and thereby earns any amount of thankless praise and hard knocks.

He will certainly be missed, for he filled a gap which if not occupied will leave a great want.

I suppose during the last three years Mr. Eadie has conducted more entertainments for charity than any other man in Fermanagh.

Who will fill Mr. Eadie’s place in the good work he carried on?