The Millennium Babes had a hit with their book, ‘Enniskillen in the Rare Ould Times’.

Now they are hoping to tell their tale to a wider audience with the launch of their new CD bearing the same title.

Such was the demand for the book, telling the story of the streets of the old town and the people who lived there, that it is now in its third print run.

The CD features abridged versions of the same stories, told in the authors’ own words, and is primarily aimed at the visually impaired and those too ill to read.

The CD was recorded by Robin Robyns in his Mid-Atlantic Digital Studio in Market Street, Enniskillen.

His clients include Van Morrison, Christie Moore, Daniel O’Donnell and now, of course, the Millennium Babes, a group founded by senior citizens in 1999 to demonstrate that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

In addition to publishing a book and recording a CD they have just launched their own website.

Such has been the interest that a second book is in production. Already 50 people have come forward with stories to tell.

According to the girls the new CD is solid gold. “It is frank, funny and inspirational,” they say.

Featuring the words and voices of 27 authors, the CD will be distributed to hospitals, nursing homes, talking newspapers and libraries to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Pictured enjoying a preview of the CD are (from left) Tommy Gallagher, Davy Campbell, Bridie Flanagan and Mary McNeill.