The community in the Border village of Belleek came together at the weekend to help support Fermanagh Women's Aid.

More than £8,000 was raised by businesses and individuals last Saturday, May 13, with collection buckets left in local businesses for donations, while some people took to the streets for an all-day bucket collection.

At the heart of the effort was the family-run business, Rooney's Giftstore. Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, Keri Gallagher said: "There has just been an amazing response.

"On Friday, we were heading up ourselves to get a bucket and flyers for Women's Aid, and we sent a messages out to see if anyone else wanted to get involved, and literally every single business in Belleek came back and said: 'Yep, we want to be involved'."

Other businesses got behind the donation drive, including the Lemon Tree Coffee House, which donated £1 from every coffee sold and a donation of all staff tips for the weekend.

A final figure from this collection will be published in the near future.

For further information on Fermanagh Women's Aid, see also Page 10.