Local election candidates have hit out following continued vandalism and damage toward their election posters.

Voting will take place for the Local Government Elections across Northern Ireland tomorrow (Thursday, May 18).

Damaged election posters has been a constant issue for many years.

Candidates across Fermanagh have had posters removed as well as posters broken or defaced.

Independent Candidate for Erne East, Tina McDermott's poster was removed before being placed in a different area of Erne East.

When it was replaced, women's underwear was attached to the poster.

Defacement to an Independent candidates poster in Erne East. Image: Facebook.

A defaced Independent candidate's poster in Erne East. Image: Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Mrs McDermott said: "It [the poster] was unscrewed from a pole at Moane’s Cross and brought to the Knocks where it was screwed back up and the 'embellishments' added.

"This wasn’t a random act. This was premeditated."

She added: "If you thought you could deter me from standing, you picked on the wrong woman!"

In Enniskillen, both the SDLP and DUP had their posters targeted. A spokesperson for the DUP candidates said: “Those responsible want to subvert society’s democratic right to a free and open election.

"It is a sad reality that some are intent on destroying property.

"Police have been very keen to ensure candidates have their concerns of intimidation or destruction to property investigated.

"Whilst a few are engaged in this activity it will not deter us from focusing on the job in hand - representing the people of this Council area to ensure they have a strong voice on the issues that matter most to them.”

DUP Election Poster attacked on the Tempo Road.

DUP election poster attacked on the Tempo Road.

SDLP Councillor Paul Blake called out the damage which included defacement to his mouth on his poster.

He said: " Candidates are putting themselves forward before the electorate to try and make a different and those people should be admired for that.

"It certainly does not deter me in any way and we will push through and work harder over the coming days."

Condemning defacement of all candidates posters, Councillor Blake said: "You put yourself forward in politics to make a difference and that's what I got into politics for.

"When people try to stop us [candidates] from what we are doing it's just disrespectful. Many of them will say the same - it does not deter us.

"Destroying election posters does not deter us in any way, shape, or form."

SDLP Posters in Enniskillen vandalised.

SDLP posters in Enniskillen vandalised.

Last week, Sinn Féin candidate for Erne East Noeleen Hayes poster was set alight, the damage is now being treated as a 'sectarian-motivated hate crime by the PSNI.

Speaking on behalf of Sinn Féin, Erne North Council candidate John Feely said: "We understand that a number of posters sometimes get damaged, or lost, due to strong winds but unfortunately a lot of damage is done maliciously.

"Whether Sinn Féin posters, or any other candidates, there is no need to interfere with election posters.

"The democratic process should be respected and the rights of all individuals and parties to run for office should be likewise respected.

"We all don't have to agree but we should all respect each other and our differences.

"Vandalising or stealing posters is both wrong and a waste of time. If you have strong convictions, use election day to voice them at the polling booth."

Candidates are busy readying themselves for the polls with many high-profile party figures joining local candidates on the ground.

The final visitor to the district on Tuesday was DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson who visited DUP candidates in Enniskillen on Tuesday, May 15.

DUP Leader, Sir. Jeffrey Donaldson, (front centre), with local Council Candidates. The are from left, Aaron Elliott, David Mahon, Deborah Erskine, MLA; Paul Robinson, Paul Stevenson, Jill Mahon and Keith Elliott.

DUP Leader, Sir. Jeffrey Donaldson, (front centre), with local Council candidates. They are from left, Aaron Elliott, David Mahon, Deborah Erskine, MLA; Paul Robinson, Paul Stevenson, Jill Mahon and Keith Elliott.