King Charles III and Queen Camilla visited Enniskillen today (Thursday, May 25) as part of a two-day tour of Northern Ireland.

This is the first visit to the town for His Majesty The King as the reigning Monarch, following his Coronation earlier this month on May 6.

The King and Queen landed at St. Angelo Airport around 1pm this afternoon and travelled to Enniskillen Castle Museums with a police escort.

Upon their arrival at the castle, the Royal couple were greeted by large crowds and serenaded by Caritas Choir, who were standing on a balcony. The mixed-voice choir sang a beautiful rendition of 'St. Patrick's Breastplate' (also known as 'Prayer of St. Patrick').

Ahead of entering the castle, The King and Queen spoke briefly to students of local secondary schools, including Devenish College, St. Fanchea's College and Mount Lourdes Grammar School, to name a few.


King Charles meets pupils from The Model Primary School during their visit.

King Charles meets pupils from The Model Primary School during their visit.


The weather was pleasant with a very light pattering of rain as the Royal couple walked through the gates into the Castle grounds. They briefly parted ways for a 'meet and greet' with the public, with King Charles taking time to chat with primary school children from Jones Memorial PS, Enniskillen Model PS and Willowbridge School, while Queen Camilla spoke with local cadets from the Army Cadet Force.


King Charles III meest a pupil from Willowbridge School.

King Charles III meets a pupil from Willowbridge School.


The King and Queen came together again for a short performance from the Cantabile Community Choir, who sang their version of 'Rather Be' by Clean Bandit.

The choir had previously performed as part of the Coronation celebratory events hosted in Enniskillen on May 8.

King Charles and Queen Camilla were then introduced to Nuala O'Toole, founder of The Kindness Postbox, who talked to them about her Covid-19 initiative which helped to combat loneliness among elderly people during the pandemic by encouraging children to send them letters.

The Kindness Postbox continues to be a great success, promoting intergenerational relationships across Fermanagh.

The King and Queen also met with young children and older people who personally benefited from the initiative. A special letter was posted in The Kindness Postbox as the Royal couple watched on.


King Charles and Queen Camilla, on their way to chat to The Cantabile Community Choir.

King Charles and Queen Camilla meet those who benefited from The Kindness Postbox initiative.


The long banquet-style table had been set out in the castle cafe to represent the Big Lunch venture. Guests that sat at the table included Fr. Brian D'Arcy and Kenny Fisher, representing the Rotary Club of Enniskillen, along with Big Lunch volunteers.

As King Charles spoke to the volunteers, he jokingly told one "Don't speak with your mouth full", which was received with laughter from all around.

This lighthearted remark reflected the overall atmosphere of the visit, which was very relaxed, with King Charles frequently seen laughing with those he spoke with.

The King and Queen then proceeded to cut a special cake that had been baked by Carina Cutler and her daughter, Ruby. Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, Carina - who runs the popular local cafe, The Jolly Sandwich - said it was an "honour" to bake a cake for the Royal couple.

As King Charles took some time to talk with representatives of local charities - including Bridie Sweeney of the Aisling Centre, John Shades of Enniskillen Foodbank, and Genevieve Irvine of SWELL - Queen Camilla spent time chatting with pupils of Enniskillen Model PS, Jones Memorial PS, Enniskillen Integrated PS and Holy Trinity PS about projects that they have recently been working on.

The King then met representatives of Christian churches in Fermanagh, including Monsignor O'Reilly, Dean Kenny Hall, Rev. Lorna Dreaning and Rev. Gunther Andrich.

Speaking to this newspaper, Rev. Dreaning, who had recently travelled over to London to see the Coronation celebrations at The Mall, said she was "delighted" to meet The King in person in Enniskillen.


The King and Queens Visit to Enniskillen.

The King and Queen's Visit to Enniskillen.


His Majesty then proceeded to speak with ex-servicemen of the Inniskilling Fusiliers and 5th Enniskillen Dragoon Guards, as well as representatives of Enniskillen Castle Museums.

The Royal guests once again reunited to watch a joint performance by Erne Highland Dancers and local Irish dancers. Traditional Irish and Ulster Scots musicians played as the dancers captivated all in attendance.


King Charles and Queen Camilla on their visit to Enniskillen.

King Charles and Queen Camilla on their visit to Enniskillen.


Ahead of signing a visitor book for Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, The King and Queen spoke with the Vice-Chairman of the Council, Councillor Allan Rainey, UUP, who presented them with an intricately handcrafted Coronation basket created by Belleek Pottery.

Leaving the castle through the Watergate, The King and Queen waved at those on Lough Erne's waters on various vessels including kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and the local dragon boat.

The King then proceeded to walk down the grassy bank to the edge of the water, where he reached out and shook hands with local man Joe Graham, who was aboard a hydrobike.

As The King and Queen walked along the Broadmeadow by the water, they were introduced to representatives of the local RNLI, Fermanagh Beekeepers Association, McMahon Spades and Lough Erne Landscape Partnership.

The Royal couple concluded their visit to Enniskillen with a walk-around, where they chatted and shook hands with members of the public, many of whom were cheering the new King and Queen.

Just as King Charles was about to get into his car, he waved farewell to a number of students, shouting "Pass your exams" with a smile on his face.

It was a truly historic day for the town and everyone who was in attendance left on a great high.