The BBC has announced a change in how EastEnders episodes are from BBC iPlayer to allow viewers to “watch the truth unfold together”.

Episodes of the BBC One soap are usually available to watch on BBC iPlayer from 6am on the same day they are set to air.

However, this week’s episodes on Wednesday and Thursday will not be added to iPlayer until the episodes have been shown on BBC One.

Explaining the change, BBC EastEnders said on social media: “The truth about George Knight's family is set to be revealed this week.

Impartial Reporter:

"To find out what really happened all those years ago, Wednesday and Thursday's episodes of EastEnders will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 7:30pm so everyone can watch the truth unfold together."

On Wednesday Phil will start to delve into George’s past, while Ravi takes control at Suki’s behest.

Elsewhere Bobby tries his best to make Kathy happy.

Then on Thursday night the truth about what happened to Rose Knight is finally revealed.

Meanwhile, EastEnders star, Jamie Borthwick has hinted that he could be leaving the hit soap after 17 years.

The actor who plays Jay Brown began on the show back in 2006 at just 11 years old and has become a fan favourite.

But now Borthwick has suggested that Jay might not be on screen for much longer as he hints that he will be making his exit from Albert Square.

The EastEnders star has been part of major plot lines during his time on the soap, after becoming a drug dealer, being involved in a murder and in recent months his wife Lola Pearce-Brown's cancer diagnosis.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Borthwick said: "I'm leaving next year.

"Well, I can’t do any better than hers (Danielle Harold)? So fine, kill me off.

"In the monologue which I say to her, I say I’ll be a rat and you can be a fox, and then there’s going to be a clip.

"I will sacrifice never coming back to EastEnders again just so we can have a fox and a rat rummaging through the bins as my final clip.

"I would sacrifice that for this soap, that’s how giving I am. Kill me off just for that, I don’t need to work ever again just for that, for that one scene."