The Lady of the Lake Festival is renowned for its quirky events, ranging from hole-digging contests to lawnmower races.

One of the most popular events of this year’s festival was the donkey derby, which was held last Sunday, July 9 at Castle Irvine.

There was a busy atmosphere on the day as the donkeys got ready for the off, with 18 donkeys and riders ready to take part in the derby.

However, not all of the donkeys were eager participants, with some deciding to hit the brakes while their riders tried to spur them on, while others tried to run away, ignoring where the finish line was.

While the donkeys may not have been particularly bothered about the day’s events, at least the large gathering of onlookers thoroughly enjoyed the good-natured fun, and cheered on the riders.

Following the derby, children enjoyed donkey rides at the picturesque Castle Irvine near the former Necarne Castle.