It’s good news for Tesco shoppers who can’t resist a yellow sticker bargain as the supermarket has revealed an exciting change at hundreds of its locations.

Whether you’ve got spotted a loaf of fresh sourdough or a pack of honey roast ham with a yellow sticker catching your eye, most will have probably added a reduced item to their weekly shop at one point or another.

A move by Tesco to help customers find marked-down yellow sticker food items more easily has now been extended to just under 300 of its stores across the UK with plans to roll it out even further.

It comes after a successful trial saw the supermarket make bold new signage that states "reduced in price, just as nice" for its mark-down section in stores to help shoppers find food bargains and at the same time cut down on waste.

What Tesco products feature in the yellow-sticker bargain areas?

The mark-down areas feature a wide range of products from fresh produce such as salads, meat, bread and sweet treats which are close to their expiry date.

These could be used for numerous different reasons, such as for tonight’s supper, popping in the freezer for another day, end-of-season items, as well as discontinued grocery and non-food products too.

While many might be wondering what the best time of day is to grab some shopping close to their expiry date for a cheaper cost, Tesco recently told Which? there aren't specific times when their in-store employees apply 'yellow sticker’ price cuts.

The initial move last October was made after a survey revealed that shoppers would pick up more yellow sticker food items if the marked-down area where they are placed would look nicer.

Tesco Group Quality, Technical and Sustainability Director Claire Lorains said: “At Tesco we have no time for food waste and we do everything we can to reduce it.

“Our customers are always on the lookout for great value food, and our rebranded ‘reduced in price, just as nice’ signage makes it easier than ever to spot a short-dated and top-quality bargain.”